Classroom Reward System

Let’s face it, all teachers want reward systems for kids that are appealing. We also do not want our entire work area to be full of toys and clutter.
Let me show you how to use one reward system for students that adapt to age of the child and level of English. Let your students learn through reinforcement that is likeable.
Here is a video that will show this in more detail. Click here


In our next video, we will discuss how to take the rewards you do have; and combine them to make new secondary rewards with little to no effort… see you soon.


Buy these here:

Wooden Numbers- Click here: The ones I have are from a swap shop, so I am unsure who made them. But these would work great! (non-affiliated)


Resources that may be of interest to you:

The Only Secondary Rewards You Will Ever Need!

Reward the kids and keep your sanity


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