Stop spending! Start saving on your reward system!

YOU JUST GOT HIRED… YAHOO MONEY! But oh yea… bills. Reward systems for online students can be tricky! And they can become expensive…fast!

You just checked your schedule. For your upcoming classes you have:

A 12 year old boy

3 year old girl who is supposed to be 5

8 year old girl

…and holy smokes! A 9 year old boy who lives in Florida, speaks perfect English and is in level 2.

How the heck do you buy rewards for all of your students with $5.00 remaining “spending money” you have allotted yourself? And never mind they have booked you 3 times this week…this is unsustainable.

Sound familiar? Then lets talk….

The only rewards you will need for this profession are listed below.

(*For your $5 for this month- please click here to my previous post.)



These can be adapted to age, stage, gender and level. They can also be combined (post coming soon) to make more rewards when needed, with very little time or effort. Most can be bought at the Dollar store or printed off of google images.

Where to buy/print them off 

(I am not affiliated with any of these stores/links/companies)

Bugs: I bought mine at the dollar store in a package. You can also buy them at Walmart, Target or Amazon: Bugs  

Sea animals: I bought mine at the dollar store in a package. You can also buy them at Walmart, Target or Amazon: Sea animals

Puzzle: I bought mine at Walmart, but you can also buy it here at ibuyofficesupply: puzzles

Balancing toy: This is a popular one among kids: Balancing toy

Easter Eggs: Dollar store, party stores, walmart, target, gas stations… anywhere…. or here 🙂 Easter eggs

Wooden number balancing toy: The ones I have are from a swap shop, so I am unsure who made them. But these would work great! wooden numbers

Melisa and Doug Birthday cake/reward: Melisa and Doug have several different birthday cakes. You can buy them all over. Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble… or here: birthday cake

Smiley faces: these are great! If there is only one reward you can buy- get these smiley faces

Money: I did not feel it important to have a lot of money. 1 of each bill, so I borrowed one of each of my children’s bills. Dollar stores have play money, as well as Walmart and Target. Or you can buy it here:play money

Calculator: Dollar store, Walmart, Target, Office store or here: Calculator


For the following 3 games, this is what you will do: Cars Auto shop, Funny person, Habitat with animals (*I will be making some PDF’s to print out soon) . You will be printing out open sourced (not copyrighted) images from google. It is important you type in “coloring page” and NOT printable… as that is different.

Cars Auto shop, Funny person, Habitat with animals

1. Go to

2. Type in:

– Cars movie coloring page

– Body coloring page (separate body parts: head coloring page, hands coloring page, feet coloring page, eyes coloring page, nose coloring page, mouth coloring page, hair coloring page)

– Nest coloring page, beehive coloring page, house coloring page, barn coloring page (type in each as a separate search)

3. Print them out

4. Laminate them *OR* what I did… use clear packing tape, and tape them 🙂 works the same.

5. You can also choose NOT to color them – or print another set. This can be used for an additional reward. Color each part of the barn each time they do something awesome. (*use dry erase markers).


Resources you may find of interest:

How to adapt 1 reward for several levels and ages

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Have questions? Please comment below


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