Reward the Kids and Keep your Sanity

So you have been hired, and you learn about this new thing… secondary rewards. And then your brain goes *EXPLOSION* Are you kidding?!  How am I supposed to please and entertain every single child between the ages of 4 and 12 both masculine individuals and feminine and of all interests???? …. *breathe, breathe, breathe*

Well, that’s a good question.  So here’s the short answer:

Get 1 reward… this one.

These last FOREVER, hold up great, and have better graphics than most magnetic emojis that I have seen (and previously bought). I have taught over 2,000 classes with these.

Yes they are used but… great condition overall! They are more diverse than the $0.99 ones (*I did those first on Amazon), and my kids respond WAY BETTER to these! They are also easier to see in the camera since they are brighter, and have more diverse emotions.  All ages, stages, and genders have loved them without fail (*Pretty good average eh?).


BUT… are you like me? Do you get bored easily and teach a million classes? Do you need diversity because you have the same kids day after day? Kids that take 3 or 4 classes per week, and the same reward is not cutting it? Well then, you are in the same camp as me…. and stay tuned for the next few posts we will explore:

  1. How to use minimal rewards for maximum interest
  2. How to combine the rewards to make more, quickly easily and for free
  3. How to have infinite reward ideas at your disposal
  4. Special rewards for birthdays and holidays with little or no effort
  5. How to create your own on the spot
  6. Break them down per age and teaching level, and how to adapt to the student when needed


Want to buy these? (non-affiliated… I just really love the product!): Magnetic emojis


Resources that may be of interest to you:

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